Agenda Waikiki

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The Waikiki Improvement Association created its Planning Committee to advise the board of directors on issues relating to planning, land use and transportation. It charged the committee to be concerned with the overall vision and a plan for Waikiki’s future including physical properties, land use and zoning, and pedestrian and vehicular mobility. The Planning Committee has developed this proposed agenda for WIA in 2012.


As the WIA implements the agenda developed here, these themes should serve to guide and focus decisions and actions.

  1. Build a Hawaiian Cultural Connection: Many benefit when Hawaiian cultural activities take place in Waikiki. Hawaiians gain an opportunity to expose their culture to the world and benefit economically. Visitors appreciate the authentic Hawaiian experience. Local residents will come to Waikiki for genuine Hawaiian entertainment and to participate in meaningful cultural events. WIA should actively encourage partnership between Waikiki stakeholders and existing Hawaiian cultural organizations.

  2. Encourage Pedestrian Experiences in the Core of Waikiki: Walking through and about Waikiki should be easy, enjoyable and safe. One should be able to walk from a hotel room or parking stall to any active gathering place or other Waikiki destination with ease.

  3. Define Waikiki as a Uniquely Hawaiian Destination Resort: Appropriate architectural, landscaping, civil and sculptural elements combined with cultural events and public gathering places can positively distinguish Waikiki from any other place on Earth. Waikiki should be defined by both its Hawaiian heritage and its surrounding physical beauty. Waikiki should be the State’s Hawaiian cultural capital, both traditional and contemporary. Waikiki is a major urban resort, and this should be embraced and celebrated. Maintain and enhance Waikiki’s worldwide presence and reputation.

  4. Improve Waikiki for the Community: The Waikiki experience must be a good one for Hawaii’s people. WIA should continue to work toward its long standing goal of making Waikiki attractive to Hawaii’s local residents. In addition, WIA should strive to create opportunities and bring resources to improve Waikiki for its significant residential population.

  5. Green Waikiki: Waikiki should strive to be “green”; Demonstrate a sensitivity to the environment in this urban area.

  6. Improve the Business Climate: Waikiki must be viewed as business friendly. Waikiki businesses should lead the State’s economic recovery and create jobs.

Past Projects

Waikīkī Improvement Association has worked on numerous projects during its years of service. Below is a list of past projects and details.

Historic Trail

Waikiki Beach Replenishment and Improvements